Permanent Staffing Solution

Filix Ecom Solutions provides permanent staffing services to a variety of clients, including start-up businesses, SME's, LSE's, and multinational corporations. Our extensive line of HR Placement consulting services assists businesses in finding the right employees to propel them forward.

Why should you choose Filix Ecom Solutions for your permanent staffing needs?

Core Recruitment Team: Filix Ecom Solutions has a group of regular and contingent workers who are focused on meeting particular, time-bound needs for permanent placement. Our recruiting staff has over 5+ years of combined expertise from a variety of industries, which increases the speed and efficiency of our hiring processes.

  • Know-how of Industry Segments: Only after thoroughly examining the needs of the firm and the candidates does our team engage on a project. Our methodical and strategic approach is focused on getting your business the permanent staffing services you need. We always keep an eye out for new changes in the market, learn about current trends from professionals, and define our planning accordingly.

  • Swift Talent Delivery: Our clients have always trusted us because they believe Filix Ecom Solutions can deliver their permanent positions as expected. Our Talent Delivery SOP is formulated with the utmost enthusiasm, care, determination and dedication. Each member of our recruiting team undergoes regular training to help you get quality candidates faster.